Sweet Ride Honey and Hives is a small business in Yellowknife, NT owned and operated by Marie Auger. Marie, a long time Yellowknifer, grew up in Yellowknife and has always been captivated by its rugged beauty and nature.

After graduating from St. Patricks High School in Yellowknife, Marie studied agriculture and animal husbandry in Saskatchewan. Her love for animals and plants flourished during this time and solidified her choice to pursue agriculture as a career and as a potential business.

Once graduated from University, Marie spent some time as an apprentice on a functioning farm on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia before moving back to Yellowknife.

Within a year of returning to Yellowknife, and after successfully helping expand a local small-scale food production business, Marie took the jump and purchased her first honey beehive in the summer of 2017. During this time she learned what is needed to successfully care for and winter honey bees in a sub-arctic climate. As of 2018, Marie maintains four beehives throughout Yellowknife.

Farming honey is a challenge Marie is driven to take on. With very few other functioning beehives in Yellowknife, Marie saw it as an opportunity to be one of the first to produce honey out of Yellowknife, NWT.  At the same time, her love of animals, including bees, is undeniable and therefore a perfect crossroads as a business pursuit.

With a diverse skill set in agriculture and the natural surroundings, Marie also provides landscaping services and food production consulting.

Have a question for Marie? Shoot her an email.