Sweet Ride Hives maintains a small apiary of honey bee hives within Yellowknife, NT. Our focus is on the growth and suistainbility of honey bee colonies in the Northwest Territories. Our goal is to grow the apiary overtime, establish succesfull over-wintering methods and eventually dive into honey extraction.

Beekeeping in the Northwest Territories is only being done by a select few other beekeepers and is a very new endevour.

In 2017, Sweet Ride Honey and Hives was born with just one hive located in our backyard. This hive of bees taught us all about caring for and maintaining a healthy beehive. It was also our first hive to go through a Yellowknife winter with moderate success. We learned a lot about how hives and the bees themselves react to being wintered and what is needed.

As of the summer of 2019, we maintain approximately 10 hives around the Yellowknife area. Our goal is not the production of surplus honey, it is the successful establihsment of bee hives year round in less than idea condition. 

If you would like to help us expand and bring local honey to market sooner, please contact us.